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Correctional Mental Health

The division of Correctional Mental Health of Midwest Center adheres to a philosophy that supports societal, institutional and offender needs.

Consistent with the legislative mandate to assist offender reintegration into society, Midwest provides empirically-based mental health services designed to stabilize and enhance behavioral functioning. 

Consistent with the mission to provide a safe, secure and humane correctional environment, Midwest seeks to provide mental health services that are cost effective, compassionate and competent.

The establishment and maintenance of a safe physical and emotional environment may be accomplished through providing services directly to offenders and consultation/training with institutional staff or liaison with county and statewide agencies.


The mission of the mental health services program within the correctional setting is to provide assessment and treatment services to offenders; and consultation, training and educational services related to mental health issues to correctional staff.

Our mental health services meet the standard established by the American Correctional Association and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.


Midwest provides a comprehensive range of mental health services that includes screening, emergency triage, crisis intervention, medication management, short-term therapy, substance abuse treatment, treatment coordination, quality

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