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Community Service Award

Indianapolis psychologist, Dr. Shelvy Haywood Keglar, was awarded the 2016 Community Service Award Member from The Association of Black Psychologists. He accepted his award at the Annual International Convention in Arlington, VA, in August. Dr. Keglar was selected because of his significant record of sustained community service and due to his work with the Indiana Minority Mental Health Professional Association. He was heavily involved with the effort to pass legislation to expunge/seal felony records. The passage of this legislation in Indiana removed one significant barrier for minority offenders who have a greater presence in the Indiana Correctional System.

Dr. Keglar’s commitment to his community is evident in the work he does. His community service work focuses on eliminating disparities in mental health services to minorities, promoting positive mental health in the minority community, disseminating accurate and appropriate information on minority mental health, and advocating and conducting research on mental health issues negatively impacting the minority community.

Dr. Keglar is the founder and president of Midwest Psychological Center, Inc. He was selected as the 2015 Outstanding Alumnus for the Department of Psychology and Counseling at Arkansas State University and was named a Top Psychologist in Indianapolis by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals in 2015.
Dr. Keglar was a founding member of the Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, the Indiana Association of Black Psychologists, and the


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